About Us

We both are Pilates instructors who exudes an undeniable passion for art of Pilates. Ours commitment to the principles of Pilates is evident in the genuine joy we radiates while guiding our clients. With each movement, we impart a sense of purpose and mindfulness, weaving a narrative of wellness and vitality. Our passion for Pilates extends beyond the physical practice; it’s a holistic approach that encompasses mind, body, spirit, but also outfit!

From the beginning of our Pilates journey we exchanged common issue with regular leggings and the constant need to adjust it during movement. We quickly took the matter into our own hands and now we are pleased to introduce the leggings with a special waistband as the ultimate solution to this problem.

This stay-put technology, a first in Pilates attire, revolutionizes the exercise experience. The innovative secure waistband prevents the constant need for adjusting and pulling up of the leggings, ensuring a more comfortable Pilates session. It guarantees that the leggings stay in the intended position, allowing you to focus on your activities without distractions.

A meticulously designed waistband provides support to the abdominal area, offering a gentle compression that proves supportive during movement. The assurance that your leggings will stay in place enhances your confidence, eliminating worries of wardrobe malfunctions and enabling you to move with greater flexibility and focus on what matters most.

We invite you to experience it for yourself,
Elevate your leggings game with us!

Magda & Paula